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Tips On Creating The Link Structure That Works
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Finding the best link structure
It is also important the way the link is put together. As we said in a previous post, the anchor text that is linked to your site will be used by Google to help it understand what your web page is about and what search terms it should rank for.

I may want to rank for the search term ‘Melbourne SEO Services’. If so, my goal is to create incoming links that contain those keywords. For example:

David Jenyns is the owner of Melbourne SEO Services.

In code, that would read:

David Jenyns is the owner of <href=’’>Melbourne SEO Services</a>

A less useful, but still reasonable link could be:

David Jenyns is the owner of Melbourne SEO Services –Click Here

When you can specify the anchor text, make sure you use the primary keyword phrase for the page to which the link is pointing.


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